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The first online store for innovative well-being, nature capital and sustainable development in Finland.

We bring together a unique combination of nature and financial capital, taking into account the themes of ESG and sustainability in business. The ESG covers matters relating to environmental responsibility, social responsibility and governance.

We believe that through the expression of aesthetics and a deeper connection with nature, people will awaken a stronger will to protect nature and the climate. Our courses inspire people and businesses to creativity and innovative value and well-being thinking. We inspire companies to develop innovative ideas that support human well-being, biodiversity and climate change mitigation.


The themes we stand behind:
Sustainable lifestyle, man & nature
Sustainable & nature-friendly business
Sustainable future and prosperity

We live in a meaningful period of deep change. Our values are looking for new paths and crossroads in relation to responsibility, health and well-being. Ecosocial education is thinking that renews our world relationship and our understanding of humanity and life worth pursuing. The value base of ecosocial civilisation consists of freedom, responsibility, moderation and intertsonality. The debate and operational programmes on climate change and nature loss have brought nature's vulnerability to the public's attention. 

We need more systemic thinking and understanding of entities, the ability to challenge our current thinking and operating models. We need understanding and awareness of the future, above all policies and cultures that promote co-development. In addition, it is important to have an environmental sensitivity, i.e. an empathetic ability to sense and observe the environment – the importance of senses, perceptions and imagination in the context of aesthetic environmental education. We're changing the world by reforming our thinking.

Respect, enchant, feel good feelings - be safe and loved

We offer you a selection of online trainings and our store products. Promoting the Responsibility and Sustainable Development Goals is at its best when people have a deep connection with nature.

Our mission is to help people and businesses through responsibility, sustainable development and well-being, thereby jointly strengthening the earth's carrying capacity.

Fostering a connection with nature increases people's desire to protect nature and the climate.
What you love, you want to keep it.

We live in a meaningful period of deep change. Our values are looking for new paths and crossroads, including when it comes to responsibility, health and well-being. New things are emerging in the transition. So times change fast. In order to keep up with this change, we must have the courage to ask bold questions. Good questions are sometimes more important than answers. This is perhaps also believed by Albert Einstein's mother Pauline, who used to ask her little boy: What questions did you ask at school today?

With this story, we want to encourage you to ask questions about sustainability and also to question things. We need creativity and innovation to overcome climate change, which threatens to overshadow the future of our children, perhaps as badly as wars have affected the lives of past generations.

Through the expression of aesthetics and a deeper connection with nature, people awaken a stronger will to protect nature and the climate. We are awakening people and businesses to renewing value and well-being thinking. We inspire and activate companies to develop innovative business ideas that support biodiversity and climate change mitigation.

Towards a reforming and responsible business

Climate change and the depletion of natural resources and the loss of biodiversity are the greatest global threats of our time. For this reason, nature and the earth can be considered a major stakeholder in companies. In the world, the speed of change is increasingly fierce and unpredictable. It is important for companies to identify these changes, allowing them to act as solvers by producing sustainable products and services that minimise the burden on the environment.

We need a new and clearly more ambitious definition of responsibility. It's no longer enough to minimize the harm. In addition to profitability, business operations are based on sustainability. Companies' everyday choices must fit within ecological boundaries and minimum social requirements. In the future, it will not be enough to reduce emissions; Will there be a link between values, productivity and environmental responsibility when we talk about ten years from now? Consumers value environmental responsibility and companies understand the importance of sustainability work as part of the company's everyday life. Through the benefit, the probability of the change happening increases.

Loss of nature is a major issue similar to the climate crisis, the resolution of which is essential for the survival of mankind. Nature solutions have enormous business potential. We must learn to see the financial benefits already.

New thinking is emerging in the transition. Responsibility must be redefined. It is no longer enough to look at how things are produced. Instead, the essential question is what is produced. We must find ways of reforming our activities and serving the needs of the planet, nature and man better, sustainably and in a long-term manner. We help companies to find and develop new operating models.

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